Swim Lessons/Dolphin School - 2022

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Dolphin School - 
Learn to Swim Program 

Dolphin School is designed for swimmers 3 years or older, and they MUST be potty-trained. There are 3 levels to accommodate the variety of swimmers:  

Bronze (beginners) - introduce swimmers to the water;  get them comfortable; go underwater; kick

Silver (intermediate) - for those just learning to swim; focus on swimming ½ lap of pool with freestyle arms and introduce backstroke

Gold (more advanced) - this group is preparing for their band and the jump to swim team; focus is on mechanics, endurance, and treading water

The groups are coached by our older swim team members.  Many swim year round and are very knowledgeable.  

Dolphin school will be 4 days a week (M - Th), 11-11:30am, times subject to change based on number of swimmers

The program begins 6/20 and ends 7/21 with our fun meet.
Registration is $125 for members and $135 for nonmembers. 

Email StratfordNJswimteam@gmail.com with questions regarding Dolphin School.

Private Lessons:

Info regarding private swim lessons can be found posted in the lobby at the Club or by inquiring at the front desk!