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Swim Lessons

During the Season, we offer 2 four-day sessions of swim lessons.  The cost is $35 for members, and $55 for nonmembers.  Lessons are a half hour and taught by certified lifeguards or swim team coaches.  You can sign up by stopping by or calling the front desk at (856)344-5054.

For the 2016 Season, lessons are scheduled as follows:

Session #1:  June 27-30 (rain date June 3) at 11:30am 

Session #2:  July 11-14 rain date July 15) at 11:30am

Dolphin School

Dolphin School is a learn-to-swim program geared towards 4 and 5 year olds. Although they are just learning to swim, participants are considered members of the Swim Team, and are coached and encouraged to participate in the Wednesday evening B Team Meets. Participation at meets includes events such as kickboard "races" with the assistance of a coach or assistant in the water, with hands-on guidance and encouragement, as needed. Swim Team registration is required and members may participate in the end-of-year banquet, pep rallies, as well as other fun activities associated with the Team. Swimmers receive ribbons for participation in events at the meets, and a trophy at the end of the season. Children should be "water comfortable" and willing to learn. Lessons begin once the AM Swim Team practices begin, and are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. Dolphin School has been a rewarding experience for swimmers, parents, and coaches. Swimming is an important skill to learn at a young age, and Dolphin School is a great way for your child to do that!! 

Please visit our Swim Team page for registration info.

For Dolphin School News, follow Coach Matt on Twitter:

Email StratfordNJswimteam@gmail.com with questions regarding Dolphin School.