Becoming a Member

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Membership TypeBondedSeasonal
Head of Household$700$758



Guest Fees

Babysitter: must be 14 years of age and if under 21 are not permitted to supervise more than 2 children. Members pay a $175 fee to use a babysitter who is NOT a club member. Members may also elect to pay the daily guest rate for their babysitter in lieu of the $175 flat rate. Members using non-member babysitters must pay either the flat or daily rate.

Babysat children: to accommodate members who act as babysitters for children who are NOT club members. If you are responsible for watching a child under the age of 12 over the summer, you may pay the babysat child fee of $150 per child. This will admit the child to the club when accompanied by the adult member who is the babysitter. Members may also elect to pay the daily guest rate for babysat children in lieu of the $150 flat rate. Members babysitting non-member children must pay either the flat or daily rate. Additional Adult: You can add an additional adult from your household to a membership for $300. Proof of residence required.


1 - ONLINE APPLICATION (fastest and preferred method) - Fill out our online application and an invoice will be sent to you via the square invoicing system within 2 weeks!

2 - Print an APPLICATION from the link on the top of this page; fill it out and mail with your payment before May 1 or bring it with you when we open.

Our mailing address is: The Stratford Swim Club, PO Box 4, Stratford NJ 08084.
(When mailing your application/payment, please note it may take up to 4 weeks to process.)

Payment Plan Options

We recommend the following payment schedule:
A deposit of one third is due by March 1 (non-refundable); the next payment is due by April 1; and the remaining balance by Opening Weekend (in person, at the front desk or membership table).

If you submit your application/payment via snail mail, before May 1st, your card/pass will be available opening day. After May 1st, please complete your registration online or at the front desk during Club hours.

membership Addendums

We offer memberships to the public.

You don't have to be a resident of Stratford!

Bonded Membership

Bonded members have purchased an "ownership share" in the club, and are issued a STRATFORD SWIM CLUB BOND CERTIFICATE. There is a one time purchase fee of $325. Active Member Bondholders may vote on issues affecting the club. Because of the investment represented by the bond certificate purchase, Bondholders receive a membership cost savings; please refer to the prices listed above for the current year's Bonded membership dues. Bonds are available for purchase.  


Seasonal members do not hold ownership, cannot vote on club issues (budget, by-laws changes, loans, etc.) or hold board office.  Please refer to the prices listed above for the current year's Seasonal membership dues. 

Both forms of membership have 4 sub-types

Family: 2 adults (married or unmarried, but must live under 1 roof) and  up to 4 legal children of either/both adults (biological, foster, adopted, or of whom the adult has legal custody). A child who one adult has shared custody of may also be included in the family membership. All children must live in the same household and be under the age of 23. (additional children are $50 a child)

Single Head of Household: 1 adult and up to four children as described above living in the household.

Couple: 2 adults living together (don't have to be married, but must live under 1 roof); no children.

Single: 1 individual, at least 14 years of age and not married.

Grandparents of Members: are allowed to use the pool free of charge, when are accompanied by a member; they are not issued their own membership cards, as they are considered guests.

Children 12 years of Age and Older: are permitted to use the club without an adult family member present provided they follow the club rules. Violations of club rules can result in revocation of this privilege.

**There is an additional $50 wage/maintenance fee on memberships. (The fee is $25 for the Senior Citizen Package.) This fee can be earned back by providing 4 volunteer hours to the club, organizing/running a fundraising event for the club, OR referring a new member who joins for the season (someone who hasn't been a member for the past 2 seasons).

2024 memberships now available

Senior Citizen 65+ Package
Membership TypeBondedSeasonal

Types of memberships

Guests must be accompanied by a Member

Weekdays - $10

Weekends (and holidays) - $12

Any Day after - $5

10 Pack Anytime Guest Passes - $85



Additional Information

We offer a 15% Discount for current Educators (new members only - ID required)

We offer a 15% Discount for active Police/Fire/Military personnel. (ID required)

Membership specials, senior citizen packages and/or discounted offers cannot be combined.

​*Please note that membership deposits and dues are non-refundable; Membership valid only after being paid in full.

When snail-mailing your application/payment during the off-season, please note it may take up to 4 weeks to process. After opening day, the best way to turn in your application and payment is in person, so you can use the facilities right away! Until your cards are ready, please use your receipt for entrance.

To pay by credit card, include information where indicated, on the application.